Derma Rollers

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Derma Roller Information

Above you’ll see we have many different size rollers to choose from. Although they all look similar its important to realise that the size of the needle is the most important factor when choosing what to start your rolling journey with.

At the top of this page is a size choosing tool, this will do the heavy lifting for you and recommend the perfect product for you. But if you’re interested in the reasoning behind each size you can keep reading…

Our derma rollers can be used for things such as anti-aging, acne scarring, body scarring, hair regeneration, stretch mark elimination, topical serum absorption and more.

We have 6 different sizes to choose from –
. These sizes are for different parts of the body and should


be used on recommended areas.

When it comes to facial rolling you should never go over the 1.50mm, this is very dangerous and can cause damage to your skin. Ideally you should only be using the 0.50mm to get the best results. The 1.00mm and the 1.50mm can be used on certain areas of the face but we recommend you have prior experience or have a professional help you.

The 0.25mm size is for combining with creams and serums, it does not go deep enough to induce collagen production, but it does help dramatically improve the performance of topical serums and creams such as Vitamin C serum, Anti-Aging serum, Brightening serum and Hyaluronic Acid serum.

Combining micro-needling with these serums will give you the best and fastest results.

For body use, the sizing you should be looking at is 1.50mm, 2.00mm and 2.50mm. These sizes are quite large, but this is what’s needed to get results with body micro-needling work.

With any of these large sizes it’s a great idea to combine it with a numbing cream as you might experience slight discomfort.

We have skin experts who have worked with all skin types and can recommend the best products for you as well as coach you on when and how to use our products. We provide this service for free to all our customers - We want the best for you and your skin.

Now that you have a basic rundown of what sizes are for what areas we highly recommend you scroll to the top of this page and do the size choosing tool, it will give you an option to sign up for a free custom-made derma rolling schedule, this schedule is priceless and will ensure you get the quickest results possible in the safest manner.