Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm

Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm
Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm

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The Derma Roller falls into a special class of product known as a micro-needle roller.

This hand held device meant for both at home and medical practitioner use.

The device has 600 tiny needles built into the wheel that when rolled over the skin stimulate collagen and elastin which in turn promotes healthier skin cells.

When rolled over the skin it creates what we call a micro-channel in your skin which triggers the body’s natural healing process to create brand new and healthy tissue to replace the imperfections or damage of older more tired looking skin.

Through testing, we have found that by doing this regularly you will be able to treat common problems such as wrinkles, skin aging, noticeable scars, cellulite treatment, stretch marks, hair regeneration and pigmentation issues.

Perhaps you just want smoother skin? This is perfect for you, with ongoing use you will have the healthiest smoothest skin possible.

What Do You Get?

  • 1.0mm Premium Derma Roller
  • Protective Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Beautiful Soft Skin




If you're looking for an in home tool that will help you create younger healthier looking skin then the Premium Derma Roller is the product for you.

This is a very safe product that comes with instructions and a 1 year warranty.

We have skin experts that are available 24/7 to answer your questions so give it a go.

You will love it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Pigmentation Problems
Best product

Highly recommend the product
Easy to use

Age: 18-24
Skin Goal: Pigmentation Problems
So far so good

A few years ago I struggled with cystic acne which has left me with some serious redness. After purchasing and using the dermaroller for the first time, I must say that it has improved my redness as well as texture. I will for sure use it again!

Age: 18-24
Skin Goal: Hair Regeneration
Good so far

The service was great. I got my roller promptly and they helped me with an error I put in the shipping details. I got a 1mm roller and I was expecting to see some pinpoint bleeding but to my surprise there was no bleeding. It didn't really hurt, but I hope it will still work. I was a bit red for about an hour sort of like I had over exfoliated. I even used it around my eyes (even though I don't think you are supposed to... maybe I have thick skin because I am in my early 20s and am male). I took one star off because I am not entirely sure it if works yet. I am planning on buying a longer attachment... maybe 2 mm? I also used it on a scar I had and it seems to be working quite well with just one use... I think in a few more uses the scar will look a lot better. Other than that I am principally using it for hair loss and as a preventative anti-aging device.

Age: 55+
Skin Goal: Hair Regeneration
Derma 1.00 mm Roller

Just purchased the 1.00 mm roller for hair regrowth. I've only used once so too early to tell how effective it is. it's not painful and customer service is very good.

Age: 18-24
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Derma roller

Even though I have only been using the derma roller for 2 weeks using it in combination with the vitamin C serum it leaves my skin feeling fresh & the roller isnt painful at all, I am looking forward to seeing the results in a few more weeks & the customer service is excellent along with fast shipping & secure packaging

Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Excellent service

Customer service is excellent. I received my roller quickly and the skin experts are always so helpful in offering advice and answerING questions. Highly recommend!

Age: 18-24
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Instant Significant Reduction of Scars!!

I have previously suffered from ance and now im just dealing with the scarring I bought the needle and WOW i had instand fading of my scars and smoothing of my face texture in general. I wanted to cry i thought nothing would work these are scars that I've had for YEARS I'm 23 now and my acne started in high school. This technology is incredibly amazing im so happy to have found it. I'm currently waiting for the next time I can use it again so excited for how my skin will end up with just a couple more uses I'll have my ideal skin pigmentation that I've long for as long as i can remember. Also, thank you to the essential derma team for responding so swiftly to all my questions!

Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes

This roller is a miracle! It makes my skin soft as silk . Can’t wait to see more results as I keep using it .

Age: 25-34
Skin Goal: Pigmentation Problems
1mm Roller

I have dry skin, freckles and uneven skin tone, acne, large pores around my nose. My skin often looks dull and I look unwell. I’ve only used the roller once so far but it made my skin so soft when I paired it with HA. My skin has had a glow to it since using it and I can’t wait to see improvements with my freckles/skin tone.

Age: 18-24
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Love this!

Pain free, made my skin feel very fresh and tight! Easy to use, simple device to operate

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