Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm

Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm
Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm
Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm
Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm
Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm

Premium Derma Roller 1.0mm

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Suitable For:
Deep Lines & Wrinkles, Deep or Severe Acne Scarring, Scalp Hair Growth & Intermediate Users


1.00mm Derma Roller

The Best Size For:

  • •Deep Lines or Wrinkles
  • •Deep or Severe Acne Scars
  • •Scalp Hair Growth
  • •Intermediate Users

The Derma Roller falls into a special class of product known as a micro-needle roller.

This hand held device meant for both at home and medical practitioner use.

The device has 600 tiny needles built into the wheel that when rolled over the skin stimulate collagen and elastin which in turn promotes healthier skin cells.

When rolled over the skin it creates what we call a micro-channel in your skin which triggers the body’s natural healing process to create brand new and healthy tissue to replace the imperfections or damage of older more tired looking skin.

Through testing, we have found that by doing this regularly you will be able to treat common problems such as wrinkles, skin aging, noticeable scars, cellulite treatment, stretch marks, hair regeneration and pigmentation issues.

Perhaps you just want smoother skin? This is perfect for you, with ongoing use you will have the healthiest smoothest skin possible.

What Do You Get?

  • 1.0mm Premium Derma Roller
  • Protective Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Beautiful Soft Skin




If you're looking for an in home tool that will help you create younger healthier looking skin then the Premium Derma Roller is the product for you.

This is a very safe product that comes with instructions and a 1 year warranty.

We have skin experts that are available 24/7 to answer your questions so give it a go.

You will love it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 244 reviews
L.H. (Sydney, AU)
Love it

I have only used the 1.0 twice, but can see a noticeable and promising difference will definitely result from long term use.

Mohammad Abdallah (Villawood, AU)
Age: 25-34
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Awesome Product

Been using it for 2 weeks now already see a difference

Jan Dyer (Melbourne, AU)
Age: 55+
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
First time user

Hoping for good result
Good customer service
Will review in a few months time

mattr330 (Canberra, AU)
Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Hair Regeneration
Quality product - better than other derma rollers

I've tried a couple of other derma rollers and this one is superior.

Jo Taylor (Sydney, AU)
Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes

Love love love this roller …. Definitely worth the investment. Seeing the results already

Kim (Brisbane, AU)
Age: 25-34
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Into the 30's

I have purchased from Essential Derma in the past (trialled for 3 months) and found myself coming back to their website due to their fantastic 5 Star service and prices. I am an ex-smoker (16+ yrs), rolling into my 30s and have been trying for many moons to get my skin to recover from all the years of poor treatment and found that the best results I had were through Derma-rolling (in combination with Microdermabrasion, no acids/heavy actives). Essential Derma Roller's are by far the best quality rollers you will find that don't make you cringe at the thought of using them and your skin will love you for it. My skin has improved drastically with acne/rolling scars (main concern), texture, dark spots, PIH, enlarged pores, forehead lines plus you do get that plump glowy look as your skin heals, over time, from the on-going treatments. Everyone's skin is unique and different, which is another long journey I had of finding the right products for my skin. However in combination with the right products and using the correct method for treatments/recovery time, you will see noticeable results in time/over months. You just need to be patient and be kind to your skin. All in all Essential Derma is the best place to get yourself started into derma-rolling with the best quality rollers at reasonable prices and a fantastic customer service crew who are always willing to help in any way they can. Thank you Essential Derma!

Tamra (Melbourne, AU)
Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes

I've only used the roller once so far and didn't notice significant changes yet. I cannot fault the service though and look forward to continuing to use it.

Liza (Melbourne, AU)
Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Pigmentation Problems
What a tool !

What a tool! Love this roller, has been perfect in lockdown. Easy to use snd
Great results after the first time I used it.

Dif (Sydney, AU)
Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes

Wow! I’ve had skin needling done before but it’s an expensive process seeing a dermatologist and being in lockdown is a service that isn’t available right now. I’ve only used it once so far (this size roller is recommended to be used once a month) but I noticed a difference the morning after. My skin was glowing and felt soft and supple. I’m using this with the vitamin C and Tri-hyaluronic acid serum and would recommend using the serums with this product to get the full benefits. I’m excited to see what my skin is going to look like in few months time

Debbie (Sydney, AU)
Age: 55+
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes

Customer service great. Good quality product.
Hoping to start seeing results soon.