Standard Replacement Head

Standard Replacement Head

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*For 2.00mm or 2.50mm - See Body Roller Head


The No.1 Best Selling Replacement Head for your Derma Roller

This 600 Needle Derma Roller Head is the No.1 selling size head that can be used on all areas of the face and body.

It comes in all 6 of our needle length sizes and can be clipped onto your existing handle with ease.

Remember to choose the right needle length for the area you want to use it on, some needle lengths are too large for the face so use our "what size do you need?" tool above if you're unsure.

All of our heads are interchangeable which means you only need the one handle for life.

Do You Have a Problem with the Following?

  1. Mature Aged Skin
  2. Fine Lines
  3. Deep Lines
  4. Acne Scarring
  5. Enlarged Pores
  6. Pigmentation Issues
  7. Hair Growth
  8. Stretch Marks

These are all problems that healthy skin can solve and the number one thing you can do is start working on your skin today!

600 needle replacement head


The one thing that gives you a major advantage over everyone else is if you combine our skin care serums with our derma rollers you’ll be able to get up to 40% higher absorption rates.

Its all well and good using skin products, but did you know you lose most of it in the absorption process? Using a simple 0.25mm derma roller has been shown to increase absorption by up to 40% which will ensure you get the best results possible for your skin.

All of our serums have Naturally Derived Ingredients, *Organic Ingredients where possible (*not certified), Australian Oils, Fruits & Extracts, Aromatherapy Oils, Sustainable & Ethical Ingredients and Natural Preservatives.


We ensure that our products are 100% free from all those nasty ingredients such as Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Colours and Synthetic Fragrances.


Under no circumstances do we preform animal testing or even condone this kind of barbaric outdated practise. Essential Derma is 100% Animal Cruelty Free.


Our products are 100% Vegan, with no animal bi-products being used in any of our formulations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Anna (Sydney, AU)
Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Worth the investment

Used it twice so far and very happy with the purchase. Good quality sturdy product, easy to use, easy to replace the heads, plastic container for storage and protection is very handy. Already can see my skin getting plumper, reduced pores, and its sooo smooth.

Tanya (Sydney, AU)
Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Good quality

This is a great product. I have recently started using derma roller 0.25 once a week to increase product absorption. Its already working!
The design of the roller is great- it's well weighted and I feel like a have a quality product- the needles are sharp, so I am not worried about damage to my skin.. i can actually get quite close to my eye with the roller but, they also have a roller that is specifically for the eye area, i have not found that I need to use this.

Rachel (Sydney, AU)
Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Pigmentation Problems

Im using every secind day and with hylaronic serum. Too early to tell yet but looking forward to results
Cust service have really shown concern and have followed up with me

Rebecca T (Rowville, AU)
Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Smooth Glowing Skin

I have rolled for 10 times now, every fortnight and my skin is glowing. People have asked what have I bene doing and how do they get that glow. I have the best skin of my life at 42! Acne scars and pores have minimised. I highly recommend it.

Amber Callaway (Adelaide, AU)
Age: 25-34
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
High Quality

So I initially brought this one for my face with the full Dermo Roller as in the past I had brought many other brands and was impressed with their quality. Well I was amazed and after one stroke on my face started using this one for my post baby Cellulite and what a difference its making! No more $150 a tube creams that only last a month if I skip a few nights and the best bit is it hardly takes any time at all, just a quick roll after the shower and some HA and I'm done! As I mentioned in my other review the needle heads on these are extremely high quality you can see and feel the difference to many other brands. I highly recommend these products as a beauty product/skin lover whos done thousands of hours research this is the brand you want to buy.

JS (Melbourne, AU)
Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
good product

I feel the roller gives my skin a fresh, plumper look. I haven't noticed a massive difference in diminishing lines/wrinkles, but have only been using it a couple times per week. I have increased the needle size now that I'm used to it and will use it more frequently to see if I get better results.

Hi There, Thanks so much for your review. I just wanted to add that using the roller more often will not speed up results, it may actually slow them down. For the 0.50mm we recommend once every fortnight or once a week at the very most. Usually, once per fortnight is a better option.

While it may seem like your skin is fully recovered, there is a lot going on beneath the surface. The time between sessions is where the magic happens as your skin heals itself. Just something to keep in mind

SC (Sydney, AU)
Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes

Easy to use fast delivery feel and see a difference in my skin

HK (Sydney, AU)
Age: 55+
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Love the derma rollers

Easy to use and very effective - results pretty soon

Karen Tindale (Adelaide, AU)
Age: 55+
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Replacement roller

I have been happy with my derma roller and have just picked up my first replacement head from Australia Post. My order has taken a long time to get to me in Darwin which is an Australia Post issue and not Essential Derma’s fault. I recommended Essential Derma to a friend and she has now purchased her first kit. I’m looking forward to seeing the results using my new roller head.

Suman Choudary (Sydney, AU)
Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Amazing results

Great quality, I am very impressed by their products!