600 Needle Replacement Head

600 Needle Replacement Head
600 Needle Replacement Head

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The No.1 Best Selling Replacement Head for your Derma Roller

This 600 Needle Derma Roller Head is the No.1 selling size head that can be used on all areas of the face and body.

It comes in all 6 of our needle length sizes and can be clipped onto your existing handle with ease.

Remember to choose the right needle length for the area you want to use it on, some needle lengths are too large for the face so use our "what size do you need?" tool above if you're unsure.

All of our heads are interchangeable which means you only need the one handle for life.

Do You Have a Problem with the Following?

  1. Mature Aged Skin
  2. Fine Lines
  3. Deep Lines
  4. Acne Scarring
  5. Enlarged Pores
  6. Pigmentation Issues
  7. Hair Growth
  8. Stretch Marks

These are all problems that healthy skin can solve and the number one thing you can do is start working on your skin today!

600 needle replacement head


The one thing that gives you a major advantage over everyone else is if you combine our skin care serums with our derma rollers you’ll be able to get up to 40% higher absorption rates.

Its all well and good using skin products, but did you know you lose most of it in the absorption process? Using a simple 0.25mm derma roller has been shown to increase absorption by up to 40% which will ensure you get the best results possible for your skin.

All of our serums have Naturally Derived Ingredients, *Organic Ingredients where possible (*not certified), Australian Oils, Fruits & Extracts, Aromatherapy Oils, Sustainable & Ethical Ingredients and Natural Preservatives.


We ensure that our products are 100% free from all those nasty ingredients such as Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Colours and Synthetic Fragrances.


Under no circumstances do we preform animal testing or even condone this kind of barbaric outdated practise. Essential Derma is 100% Animal Cruelty Free.


Our products are 100% Vegan, with no animal bi-products being used in any of our formulations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes

I have repurchased the .5 needle a couple of time now and can say it’s help improve the texture and tone of skin. Definitely recommend adding to skin care routine

Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Looking good

I’ve been using the 600 needle for about a month now. I was also very sceptical about how well it would work. I’m pleased to say that I think my skin tone is very even and the lines around my eyes seem to have softened. So far so good. 👍

Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Pretty happy

Have used the 0.5 an1.0 on the face. Does hurt a little, recommend numbing cream. Feels like sunburn straight after for a couple of hours, only a little red in the morning. Using for 6 weeks. I think there has already been a slight change in my skin texture. Can’t wait to see the difference in a few months time. Will definitely continue to use.

Age: 25-34
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Fantastic at home option

After being a loyal in salon user of needling, I decided to incorporate it at home on a more regular basis. Not only it is way more affordable but it just as effective. Very happy customer!

Age: 45-54
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
It looks like it should work

I haven't used it as yet, but it looks like it should work

Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Great so far

Only used once so not sure of results but seems to be great so far

Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Fantastic Product

I have been using this roller monthly for about a year now and I can honestly say my skin has never looked better. It is so easy to use, clean and store. I have been using the product mainly for acne scaring and it is slowly but surely disappearing. I have has many fraxel laser sessions in the past and have found that this product works much better. You need to be consistent with usage to get the results but they do last. Love this Roller!!

Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Acne Scarring
Acne scarring reduced

I have been using essential derma roller for just over a year to treat acne scarring. Treatment done every 6 to 8 weeks when I can avoid makeup for following 2 days to avoid blocked pores. I have noticed improvement in skin texture and scar reduction. I have also noticed reduction in pore size. Started with 0.5mm and have just increased to 1mm. Results are gradual but evident if you use it consistently. Good quality roller.

Age: 55+
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Continue to love

I have been using an Essential Derma roller for at least 6 months now and the difference to my skin textures and fine lines is noticeable. I regularly get asked how my skin looks so good 😊

Age: 35-44
Skin Goal: Anti-Aging/Pores/Wrinkles/Eyes
Smooth glowing skin

I use this roller every 2 weeks and I feel this has really helped my hyperpigmentation and reduce wrinkles. After use I apply an anti aging serum and my skin just glows after the little redness is gone.

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