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What Is An Ice Roller?

What is an ice roller

You may have heard the term before, but what is an ice roller? Today we look at ice rollers and the different types available. We show you the good and the bad and how they can benefit you.

Let's get into it!

What is an ice roller?

An ice roller is a skincare device used to roll (or slide) over your face or body to induce cold therapy. Ice rollers are a type of cold roller that, when applied to the skin, bring about many types of health benefits.

The most common benefits of ice rolling are stimulating circulation, reducing swelling, reducing puffiness, skin tightening and aiding the absorption of skincare products.

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Type of ice rollers

There are 4 types of ice roller available, each with pros and cons. We go over all types below:

Silicone Ice Roller

Silicone Ice Roller

Silicone ice rollers such as the Mini Facial Ice Roller are a product that you fill with water and then, once frozen, slide over the area you're treating. This is the coldest and most effective ice roller on the market, but it has drawbacks.

A silicone ice roller is best used in a wet environment, like in the bathroom. This is because the ice will literally be melting as you're using it. This is a small trade-off because after 3-4 minutes, your face will be completely frozen anyway, and you'll lock in the benefits.

If standing in the bathroom for a few minutes is okay for you, then this is the type we recommend.

Stainless steel ice roller

Stainless Steel Ice Roller
Photo Source: Alibaba

Stainless steel ice rollers will be put in the fridge or freezer for 4+ hours and left to chill. Once you're ready, you can take it out and start rolling your face.

The benefit of this type is it's quick and easy to use.

The downside is it doesn't actually get very cold (compared to ice), and it doesn't stay cold for very long.

If choosing this type of ice roller, then it's best used for its mild soothing effect, not for shrinking pores or skin tightening.

Gel-filled ice roller

Gel Filled Ice Roller
Photo Source: Alibaba

Gel-filled ice rollers work similarly to stainless steel ones in that you keep them in the freezer and can take them out and do a quick roll. Out of all types of roller, this is the least cold option, but it does feel nice and spongy on your face.

Again, if choosing this type, it's best to use it for relaxation and soothing rather than the skin-enhancing benefits of real ice.

Globe ice roller

Ice Roller Globes
Photo Source: Alibaba

Globe ice rollers are hard good looking ice rollers that are filled with gel. They work the same as above, but the main benefit is they come in small globes. A drawback of the gel-filled and stainless steel rollers is that they're so big they're hard to maneuver.

With globes, you can roll them around tight areas like under the eyes.

Depending on the brand, you can get some that are cold, but they don't stay cold long. In our opinion, these are the best option if you want a quick soothe under the eyes on your way out the front door, but for skin enhancement and health benefits, they aren't a great option.

What is the best ice roller?

If you want the full potential of ice-rolling benefits, you can't go wrong with a silicone ice roller with real ice. It's super cold on the skin, and your face will be radiant after each use.

If you just like the cold feeling and want to relax on the couch, then any other type will do. Pick globes if you want to focus under the eyes, but otherwise, it's just a choice of wanting either the hard stainless steel feel or the spongy gel-filled feeling.

Summary on ice rolling

Skincare tools can be a lot of fun and finding one that suits you can be a game changer to your skincare routine.

Working on blood circulation or irritated skin should be your main priority. These are the two big things that can solve the majority of skin issues today.

Use an ice roller for blood flow, blood vessels and to reduce muscle tension and you'll skin will thank you for it over time.

Whether you've tried a derma roller, jade roller or even just an essential skin cream, hopefully, you're now ready for your first ice roll.

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