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Skin Needling Stretch Marks: The Complete Microneedling Guide

Skin Needling Stretch Marks: The Complete Microneedling Guide

Skin needling on stretch marks is a complete game changer!

If you've ever tried needling before, you'll know that for things such as acne scars or anti-aging, it takes time, and sometimes it's more of a preventative than an instant result.

Stretch marks are different; we can clearly see them and notice the skin needling effects much faster.

Let's get into the full guide on skin needling for stretch marks!

Skin Needling For Stretch Marks

We get it! You're looking in the mirror daily and wishing those stretch marks were non-existent.

Stretch marks are an instant confidence crusher, and while some men look "cool" with bicep stretch marks (like the Incredible Hulk), we women have stretch marks on our hips, bum, thighs, belly, boobs and more ๐Ÿ˜ข

The good news is - We can 100% improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Skin Needling Stretch Marks Before and After

Skin Needling Stretch Marks Results

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a specific type of body scarring resulting from rapid skin stretching (or shrinking). They can be found all over the body but are most common on the tummy, hips, thighs and breasts.

Technically speaking, the dermis layer of the skin is composed of collagen and elastin. These are what are responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

When the skin stretches too fast, the collagen fibres get damaged, and then we get the dreaded stretch marks.

Stretch marks are most common with:

  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Rapid weight gain (or loss)
  • Bodybuilders on their chest, arms and shoulders

Colour changes of stretch marks are common and the colour is usually a result of the stage you're in.

Early-stage stretch marks are usually red or purple, this is due to the rupturing of blood vessels underneath (and inflammation).

As time progresses these problems are healed and you end up with a completely new "blended-in" colour.

Studies have also found that the genes COL1A1, COL3A1, and ELN are downregulated in people with stretch marks. These genes encode for collagen and elastin proteins.

Additionally, other studies have suggested that changes in the activity of certain enzymes, such as matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), may also play a role in the development of stretch marks.

How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

We have many ways to improve the appearance of stretch marks, each with its own benefits, costs and results.

Choosing the right option for your specific situation is important.

Topical Creams For Stretch Marks

A topical cream like the Intensive Stretch Marks Therapy Cream should be your first step in the healing process and stretch mark reduction.

This is the easiest and lowest cost option that may be all you need to get results.

Applying cream a few times a day is very simple and easy for all areas of the body.

Stretch Marks Cream Australia

Skin Needling for Stretch Marks

Skin needling on stretch marks is one of the best value options available and has a very high success rate. The recommended needle size is 1.5mm to 2.5mm, and you only need to do it once every 6-8 weeks.

We recommend using the 1.5mm Derma Roller or a Stretch Marks Derma Rolling Kit.

Derma Roller at Home or Skin Needling in Clinic?

Due to the ease of microneedling, we recommend using a derma roller at home rather than going for expensive clinical treatments.

Treatments can cost anywhere from $100-$300 per session, and you'll need them done for 6-12 months to see visible results.

Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks

Laser therapy for stretch mark removal is another method that will act similarly to microneedling by breaking down the damaged tissue area and stimulating more collagen production.

Chemical Peels For Stretch Marks

Chemical peels are not normally recommended for removing stretch marks, but they can improve the appearance on a surface level.

The solution causes the outer layer of skin to peel away, which gives you a fresher, smoother-looking skin texture or glowing skin tone.

This is usually a temporary improvement to the skin rejuvenation and the appearance of stretch marks.

Cosmetic Surgery For Stretch Marks

Cosmetic surgery to reduce stretch marks is done in the most severe cases. This may be needed for people with a lot of excess skin that needs to be removed or tucked.

An abundance of loose skin cannot be solved with topical creams or needling; it will need to be removed before working on a stretch mark or scarring.

Can Skin Needling Get Rid of Stretch Marks Permanently?

Yes, skin needling has been shown to have a high success rate with the permanent removal of stretch marks. There are many things to consider, and each person may have a different result.

The stretching of the skin forms stretch marks; if your skin is stretching, the marks will return.

The benefit of skin needling is you only need to do it once every 6-8 weeks, so if the stretch marks do start to appear again, you can needle them easily.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

In general, you should expect to see improvements in the appearance of stretch marks from skin needling treatments in 3-6 sessions.

Everyone has different results, and some people notice results faster than others.

Taking photos of your skin every week will help you notice the changes happening.

Microneedling for Stretch Marks Summary

Collagen induction therapy with skin needling to treat stretch marks is one of the best ways to get your skin youthful and your self-confidence back.

Treating stretch marks is much easier than you'd expect, and the results we've seen are sensational.

When people think of needling, they often think of anti-aging or acne scarring, but these treatments are only the tip of the iceberg on what's possible.

Microneedling stretch marks or even a singular stretch mark with a derma roller can make the body produce an amazing wound healing response that can solve even the most complex of skin concerns.

Who would have thought the use of tiny needles would improve your life so much?


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