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How Long Does a Derma Roller Last?

How long does a derma roller last

When derma rolling from home, it's essential to ask yourself the question... How long does a derma roller last?

This quick guide covers precisely what you need to know regarding dermarolling shelf life and when to replace your derma roller head.

This guide has been designed to serve the following 3 main sections:

✔️ How long does a derma roller last
✔️ Stainless-steel v's titanium derma rollers
✔️ Derma roller shelf-life FAQ's

How Long Does a Derma Roller Last?

This depends on the needle material of the derma roller and the surface area you're rolling. In general, a titanium needle derma roller will last 8-12 uses, while a stainless-steel derma roller will last 1 use.

We will go over the fine details to consider below.

Titanium vs Stainless Steel Derma Roller

There are two types of derma roller available on the market today, each of which has a different shelf life. Depending on how you want to use it, you should pick the correct one based on your goals.

Stainless Steel Derma Roller

Stainless steel derma rollers are single-use products that should only be used once before being disposed of.

The needles dull quickly and are unsuitable for use a second time. People who use this type of derma roller are generally medical professionals who need to dispose of the product after each use.

Titanium Derma Roller

Titanium derma rollers are the better choice for an in-home skin needling product as the needles are much more robust and can be used 8-12 times before replacing the head.

One thing to consider is the surface area of where you're rolling.

If rolling the face, it's safe to assume you will get at least 8 uses out of it. But if rolling the body for stretch marks, you may get up to 6 uses from your derma roller before considering replacing it.

Derma Roller Shelf-Life FAQ's

How long does a derma roller last FAQ

When Should I Replace My Derma Roller?

If you have a titanium needle derma roller, you should replace it after 8-12 uses. If you have a stainless steel needle derma roller, you should only use this 1 time before replacing it.

Stainless Steel Equals Poor Quality Needles?

No, stainless steel products are rated as safe and easier to sterilise than titanium. This type of needle is great for single-use applications like in a clinic.

It is, however, more economical to use a titanium product at home as you can use it 8-12 times before needing a replacement.

What If I've Used My Titanium Derma Roller Before But Haven't Used It In a Long Time?

If the product is brand new and has never been used, it has an almost unlimited shelf life. If you have used the roller before but not for a while, you should consider replacing it if more than 6 months have passed.

Stainless steel and titanium do not corrode or rust easily, but when dermarolling, you want the best needle available.

What About Bent Needles?

If you have ANY damaged needles, the product must be replaced immediately.

Bent needles cause unnecessary irritation to the skin and will ruin your skin-needling experience and results.


Owning a good quality dermaroller is essential for your skin rejuvenation experience. No one wants rusty and bent needles while micro-needling.

It doesn't matter if you have sensitive skin, acne scars, signs of aging or any of the amazing things that microneedling can help; when you derma roll, you should ensure the tiny needles are in the best possible condition to work on your skin cells efficiently.

We hope this quick guide has taught you what you need to know regarding shelf life.

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