How to Use


It’s important to remember that the derma roller is a safe an effective tool but you do need to take the required stops to ensure you are using it correctly.

First things first you need to wash and dry your hands and the area to be treated thoroughly with soap and water.

Next you will need to remove your derma roller from the packaging and run it under hot water to clean it. Once dry, grab a simple alcohol solution spray (available at your local chemist) and spray the wheel of the roller so that it is fully disinfected. You can also use any alcohol solution that is not in a spray form, the important thing is you should always disinfect the roller.

Once the alcohol solution is dry it is now time to start using your roller.

How to Apply

Gently roll the derma roller over the area you wish to treat 4-5 times vertically, 4-5 times horizontally, 4-5 times diagonally to the left and 4-5 diagonally to the right.

As shown in this image.

How to use a Derma Roller

The area will become red and this is 100% normal. Depending on the size needle you use you may experience mild discomfort or even slight bleeding.

It’s important to choose the correct size roller to ensure you get the best possible results.

To see our sizes please check out our Size Guide.

Care of your Derma Roller

After use, make sure you disinfect the roller again and place it back inside its case to keep it clean and in perfect condition for the next use.