Derma Roller - Is this the Holy Grail in Anti-Aging?

Skin health begins in the dermis, our skins living layer.

Whilst topical application of nutrients is a logical solution, our skin is pretty resilient.

And when you consider damaging UV, pollutants, medications, harsh treatments and poor absorption of skin nutrients, it’s no wonder our skin gets a bad rap.

Super Charge Your Skin!

The future of skin care is seeing significant shift of focus towards delivery systems.

Why? Because in order to truly fight premature aging we need to target dermal and not epidermal activity.

Derma Rolling introduces micro-channells to our skin which helps to absorb serums and skin care up to 20x more effectively.

On top of this - Sizes 0.5mm upwards actually go deep enough to create "micro-damage" which forces your skin to grow back healthier than ever with absolutely zero down time.

And whilst it looks a little like a lawn aerator for the skin, don’t be alarmed, your not embarking on an adventure in narcissistic masochism.

Derma rolling is in fact designed to stimulate the restorative processes within our body.

It works by enlarging pathways through our skin with cosmetic needling, creating pin pricks or tiny micro injuries, which instigate skin production.

One of a very rare breed of cosmetic devices that allows as much as 80 percent more nutrients to penetrate.

So it transports nourishing vitamins and minerals right to the source.


There have been a number of studies showing that the derma roller is effective at approving the appearance of:

  • Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improving the appearance of saggy skin & dark eyes
  • Fading stretch marks
  • Improving skin texture
  • Treating hyper pigmentation
  • Stimulating hair growth
  • Improving atrophic (rolling, pitting) acne scars
  • Breaking down scar tissue, allowing re-organisation of cells
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The Derma roller is said to trigger your bodies own healing process, by stimulating levels of elastin, which works to repair damaged skin.

Because the needles create microscopic tunnels, anything you apply afterwards is absorbed quickly.

This means you get extra mileage out of all those luxe anti-aging ingredients.

Skin Cells


You don't need to use a clinic, derma rolling products are available in Australia for in home use and require no advanced training.

Combining in home use of this little device with professional advice from the store you've purchased from is the best course of action.

Seeking professional advice on how to use it is smart, as they understand the phases of wound healing, which involves optimum timing for treatment and modalities to obtain the best success.

  • For instance prolonging the inflammatory phase between day 1-5 days, will result in more growth factors.
  • Photo-modulation and lymph drainage are improved from day 2-14
  • Collagenase peaks at around day 14 to reorganize collagen fibrils, converting collagen 3 to collagen 1.

It therefore makes no sense to re-injure the skin more frequently than every 30 days with certain sizes.


Derma Rolling is minimally invasive and does not cause any pain or bleeding, the device is moved across the skin in the treatment area, in different directions for a period of about 5-10mins.

This is said to trigger the natural skin regeneration or wound healing.

And whilst the majority of modalities used for skin rejuvenation do incorporate the wound healing process, this type of in home device is the perfect low cost item to add to your skin regime.

Derma rolling is thought to bridge the gap between expensive professional salon treatment, by preserving the epidermis, maintaining environmental protection, and diminishing downtime.