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How To Stop Itching After Microneedling

How To Stop Itching After Microneedling

Ever wondered how to stop itching after microneedling?

Microneedling procedure also known as skin needling or derma rolling works by creating miniature skin punctures that then force your body to heal itself and thus create more collagen production (natural collagen).

But what about itching? What causes it? And how do we stop it?

How To Stop Itching After Microneedling Treatment

There are a number of steps we can take to stop itching after microneedling.


Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum such as Tri-Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

Use a Cool Compress or Ice Roller

A cool compress can help to soothe itchy skin. You can also use ice to soothe the skin, try our Mini Facial Ice Roller.

Avoid scratching

We know it's frustrating and hard not to scratch but scratching can cause more problems with the healing which means prolonged itchiness.

Avoid sun exposure

Direct sun exposure can exacerbate the itching and may delay healing. If going in direct sunlight make sure you're applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 30.

Aloe vera

Natural aloe vera (without any added chemicals or fragrances) can be soothing to the skin and help relieve itching. (Although hyaluronic acid is a better choice)

Just make sure not to use it immediately after a session, the following days should be fine.

Why Does My Face Itch After Microneedling?

The microneedling session (skin needling) is done with a derma roller or an electric pen.

The process involves making mini holes in the skin that force your body to heal itself.

This process can cause dead skin cells and an itch in some people (sensitive skin) as the body works hard to recover.

If the healing process is slow or you're showing skin concerns such as a skin infection or allergic reaction, reach out to your service provider for advice


Microneedling treatments are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that helps you to get past the skin barrier with specialty serums and creams.

It helps to increase collagen production (collagen induction therapy), improve skin texture, improve skin tone, reduce acne scars and give you an overall refreshed look.

If you experience an itch or dry skin after microneedling, it is likely completely normal and nothing to worry about.

If it's more severe, you may need some anti-inflammatory medications.

Always remember to avoid direct sun exposure and try not to wear makeup for 1-2 days after your session.

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